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A Frightening View

Here at Turningthetablez we have a goal of exposing and mainly trying to combat the corrupt, corporate, leftist media. Some people have a theory that America will not be invaded, bit will instead be infiltrated.

Starting with the schools, then TV and entertainment, the left is trying to transform this country. Vast changes are being brought into the military also. Things that only ten to fifteen years ago were thought of as crazy are now being pushed as normal. Any effort to point this out is immediately met with being labeled a racist, bigot or phobe of some kind. The effort to do this comes so quickly that it is obviously an organized effort being directed from somewhere. More on that later.

Unlike our side the left is ALL IN! They are making strides daily in their quest to make every aspect more woke, and thereby making us accountable to them for the way we think and speak. People need to start paying attention to everything that is going on, and the effect itis having on life here.

Day after day the crew on ABC's The View obnoxiously spew forth their message. Multiple times here lately have had to issue statements to prevent lawsuits. Not only are they obnoxious, they are clueless. The fact that Joy Behar, the most unpleasant person on television, has any business lecturing others about world affairs is a joke. This show is considered part of #ABC #News and you would think David Muir would be embarrassed by their obnoxious displays of know it all cluelessness.

The View is an obnoxious megaphone being used by the #DNC to spout it's liberal talking points. In 2021 over $275 billion was spent on advertising. In the words of Ana Navarro it's time to "name names and point fingers." The website stopmediabiasnow has a good presentation of who needs to be boycotted. Most of all, Disney needs to be boycotted. We usually talk about making a polite phone call and requesting that the company stop advertising on these shows.

With #Disney there needs to be a total, immediate boycott. No Disney premium channels, no amusement park visits or movies. They must change their behavior.

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