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Action is Needed

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen the breathtaking corruption of members of the Biden family and the way that certain federal agencies have went to great lengths to cover for them? Not only have they went to great lengths to cover for them they have went on the attack against opponents of the left. Anyone who tries to stop the corrupt political left gets attacked by not only the corrupt members of the government, but they come under withering attack by the media. People had better start paying attention, starting with the dandelions who couldn't bring themselves to vote for Donald Trump because because he was rude. We hope that they now see the folly of that decision and they better start recognizing the extent that trump was under attack and why he may have been a little bit short with members of the media. When not under attack opponents of the onward march of the corrupt left are censored by the media and big tech. The political left is perfectly fine with this very unamerican way of doing things as it helps them achieve their political goals. Freedom is under attack and if you dare to speak out you may find yourself under fierce attack or even lose your job. If you do not recognize this examine the case of Tucker Carlson. The government bureaucrats and big tech were very involved in censorship, coercion and threats directed toward anyone who dared to stray from the message that they were putting forward. All of this is made possible by a willing and compliant media. The media has helped the corrupt political left every step of the way. To be frank many of the politicians on the left are, for lack of a better term, loons. Loon, nut or whatever descriptive term you would like to use to describe some of the bottom dwellers who hold office in Washington DC. Many there while occupying a position respected and looked up to by society are there merely for their own gain. Once identified, these people have to be removed immediately. The Bidens seem to fit into this mold and many, if not the majority of voters, would not have voted for Biden if the media had done its job and not covered up the Biden laptop story. The media is the biggest problem facing this country on the domestic front. They are influencing election and a better way to put it is that ty are manipulating elections which infringes on all our right to vote. By cancelling subscriptions to channels or hopefully moving them off of cable package bundles we can defund these corrupt sources of propaganda. Freedom of speech is not just an amendment it's the first amendment and censorship is a way for the left to gain power and control. So many of these people who are trying to suppress our voice have absolutely no qualification as a judge to allow what we say other than being a butt kissing politician who has managed to get themselves elected to office where they can try and exert their influence over us. Again none of this would be possible without the media being in the game as a teammate of the democrats and we must continue our boycott of Disney which owns ABC News and all advertisers on MSNBC and CNN should be contacted and politely asked to stop subsidizing this behavior.

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