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Action is Needed Now

Have you seen enough yet? Have you had enough of the media playing along with the political left like an organized team? Is it time for corrupt members of congress to be exposed? Is it time for corrupt members of the media to be called out for their bias? We have a director of DHS who says the border is closed despite literally millions crossing it. He is either an idiot or a liar. We have a director of the FBI who is intent on arresting, or investigating as many conservatives as he can, but can very rarely answer questions when asked. We have an attorney general who is very obviously biased with an agenda to have two tiers of justice depending on which side of the political fence you are on. Why are we in this situation? We are in this pickle due to the election, legitimate or not, of too many liberal democrats. There were at the very least some particularly shady things that happened in the 2020 presidential election. It would be hard to believe that you could find 81 million votes for Joe Biden worldwide much less in the US. It does appear that through vote harvesting methods using Covid as an excuse to use vote harvesting methods that were without a doubt below board. . If anything good could come out of that election it needs to be that we have an election day and not an election month. This extended time made it way too easy for mischief to happen relating to the vote totals. The idea that an election day disenfranchises voters of color is garbage. Since when can people of color not vote the same way as white people? To suggest they cannot is pure, blatant racism. Now, as a result of this election the country is damaged and conservatives are under attack all across the country. These conservatives range from parents at school board meetings to pro lifers being arrested and taken out of their home in cuffs. This and many other things are absolutely outrageous and there has hardly been a peep from the mainstream media. We have to wonder at this point if the media and the leftist politicians are meeting in private to map out a strategy for how they do things. Now due to some whistleblowers we hear of how our current president has been running side businesses for years selling his influence through his son and his associates. What kind of breathtaking arrogance does it take to to that? More whistleblowers are said to be coming forward but there appears to be a large amount of intimidation and threats directed at any of them planning to do so. Still, from the press we are hearing way more in the way of excuses than we are coverage of the corruption. There is also the constant attacks on Trump which make us wonder why they are so desperate to stop him from attaining a spot in power again. What does he know that seems to scare the deep state so much. So much absolutely crazy, blatantly corrupt things are going on and it would not be possible if, as the founders said we needed, we had a press doing its job and reporting evenly on both political sides. When we have democratic lackeys like Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd anchoring iconic Sunday news shows that should make it painfully obvious what is going on. There are many things which must happen, and happen in short order, to fix things but replacing the current corrupt media with a media that is doing its job is high on the list. Conservatives must vote next time and the people who think all politicians are corrupt and just stay home had better recognize at this point that the side currently in [power is downright dangerous. Some of the politicians on the left do not even appear to be on America's side. Going to the trouble to vote is a very important important thing to do in 2024 and going to the trouble to stop funding the corrupt leftist media is just as important. There are alternative sources of news that should be utilized like Bongino, Newsmax and O'Reilly. There are alternative conservative businesses that should be used also like Patriot Mobile. Look into that as a way of taking money out of the hands of the left and funding like minded companies. At the same time Disney, both their properties and the premium channels, should be avoided as a way to not fund ABC News. Target, Bud Light, AARP, AT&T, Bed Bath & Beyond and many more companies should be avoided for going full woke and the fact they are damaging America seems to be catching on. Another thing that you can do is google alternatives to woke companies. We know Google is the pinnacle of wokeness but sometimes we just may need to use them. By doing these things we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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