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Aiding Our Own Demise?

How much longer will we continue to be naive? Everyday we see the old three networks, CNN and MSNBC attack those of us on the right. At some point we have got to stop subsidizing our political adversaries on the left. we here at Turnthetablez fully agree with the decision to cease buying oil from #Russia. It would make no sense to indirectly fund the Russian onslaught against #Ukraine.

At the same time it makes no sense for those of us on the right to fund the liberal advance of the leftist corporate media. It was just ruled that Jussie Smollett has to reimburse the city of Chicago for time wasted on his sham investigation. Should Adam Schiff and Hillary Clinton have to pay back the U.S. for money wasted,$32M of it, on the phony Russiagate case? Maybe the three old networks, CNN and MSNBC should contribute. They jumped in with both feet on that case, convicting Trump from the start. Even now they are trying daily to attack Trump. The journoactivists in the media are not going to stop their vendetta against Trump because that is what they are being paid to do.

Whether it is CNN or shows like The View they take every chance they can to get in a dig on Trump. We have a majority of our media backing whatever action or inaction Biden does while constantly attacking Pres Trump.

It seems now that not only will Trump be endlessly attacked, but anyone who acted as lawyers or staff of the President will also be targeted. To top things off they are trying to make it a crime to talk about election fraud or just basically a crime to disagree publicly with the left. We are a very divided country and, the fact is that it's time for those of us on the right to stop paying the people on the left. Advertisers on The View, CNN and the Sunday shows need to be politely contacted, and a request made to stop advertising on these channels/shows.

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