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An Organized hijacking of an Election

Things are starting to become apparent which show the 2020 election was at the very least an organized hijacking of the electoral process.

Whether or not you like Donald trump's tweets you have to recognize that he had things rolling in America. We here will never understand the people, both male and female, who voted for Biden because he was "nice". Psuedo tough guy Joe Biden is many things but nice is not a description we here at this site would use. We would be more likely to use dishonest, greedy, fake, creepy, racist or power hungry. Through the years one term that has came up more than a few times is clueless. Of course if you listen to the leftist corporate media he can do no wrong. In fact according to them along with Psaki and Biden himself we in the general public can't really grasp or appreciate the job he is doing. When this election is looked at without the influence of the corrupt media ringing in your ears many questions arise about how this result happened. You would have to be Lesley Stahl to not see them. You will not hear any of these questions raised on the corporate news. At this point they act more like advertisers for the political left than unbiased reporters of the news. They hammer home, day after day, liberal talking points as a major part of their newscasts. We think this, along with some other things, contributed mightily to the success of the democrats in the election of 2020. Below are a list of, at the very least, suspicious or at least gray area things which happened leading up to the 2020 election all of which were supported or promoted by big tech or the corporate media. Without their support of or by them purposely ignoring these things we would not have Joe Biden representing us as President today. ---- Mark Zuckerberg through his organization Center for Tech and Civic Life donated $419M to influence the election infrastructure of selected cities ---- Fake news was elevated (Russiagate) while constantly deplatforming and censoring the now verified true news of the Hunter Biden laptop which showed how the Biden family use Joe's position in the gov't to make the whole clan wealthy while also giving the big guy a cut. ---- Some state officials unilaterally changed election laws using Covid as justification (Pennsylvania) All of the above were made possible by the media being actively involved or by purposely not doing their job as journalists. The media is actively involved in helping the DNC and the left every day and we are paying the bills for them by trading with their advertisers. An effort needs to be made to identify the most biased shows and then contact their advertisers requesting they stop doing business with these networks or we will stop using their products.

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