An Outright Lie

Sometimes the media just proves our case for us. The venerable Nina Totenberg and her taxpayer funded employer NPR told a big, fat, outright lie about Supreme Court Justice Gorsich. According to NPR Nina Chief Justice Roberts requested that all justices wear a mask, and Justice Gorsuch refused. Justice Sotomayor, who is diabetic, wears a mask at nearly all hearings. After wailing and outrage from the mediaon the left condemning Gorsuch, Chief Justice Roberts issued a statement saying no such event happened. Basically saying the story by NPR Nina was an embarrassing false story.

We come on here voicing our opinions in print and encouraging you to contact advertisers of shows on the left you believe to be lying to the masses. Or in the case of CNN the tens. We believe the o

nly action they care about is a reduction of their revenue stream. This one is real easy. Make a call call to your senator or congressman to defund NPR of tax dollars. Using tax dollars to subsidize an arm of the DNC which is essentially what NPR is amounts to craziness. Stop being naive.

They must be laughing at us, and think we are stupid to fund the left with OUR tax dollars. We will soon start being more specific on who not to spend our money with, but for now give your senator and congressman a call.

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