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Turning the Tablez

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

We on the right have been scoffed at and ridiculed long enough. It is time we made our opinions count. As a single citizen I, you, and our neighbor have very little power on our own other than our vote. It is time we on the right take a page from the left’s playbook. We must organize and collectively our voices will matter. More specifically, instead of our voices, we need to speak with our wallets. Time after time we hear about media bias. Bias in this case is a very inadequate term. The corporate media is exhibiting and acting as an outright agenda. The lack of even an effort to disguise, never mind hide, what their goals are is an insult to tens of millions of Americans.

By acting as a group we can change this. Advertisers on the corporate media news networks, and the parent companies themselves, must be dealt with by us. The left has done this for years, and to some degree has been successful.

Something must be done.

The way President Trump was treated for 4 years was unjust and downright dishonest without a doubt this ability to act as an economic group is an advantage we on the right have, making a conscious decision to not spend your money with certain stores will be inconvenient, and in certain times impossible. Still, we need to make our best efforts to punish the companies and networks actively helping the left. They are out to destroy us and we must act together to win this fight. On this site, we will be listing companies that do business with the left-wing corporate media. The American Worker, without a doubt, is the most important and treasured part of the American economy and the American media has turned out to be one of the biggest threats to this country. It’s time they were dealt with.

If you choose to, and hopefully you will use your wallets to no longer trade with advertisers who conduct business with these news organizations or their parent companies we can make a tidal wave of impact.

The corporate media is, in effect, working hand in hand with Nancy Pelosi and Charles Schumer.

The question is, how long are we going to help them?

So many people are getting their news and information from the corporate media. People are busy with their families and jobs. To be fair most dont have time to research what the media is telling them. Media people know this and take full advantage. Slowly the corporate media is getting more control, promoting things that divide the people, people are unintentionally aiding the “wokeness” of America. It’s time to use the conservatives’ ultimate tool… their financial buying or to be more specific their non-buying power.

The question is how to go about using this power? who, would it seem is displaying the most opposition to our side?

The media, but not all the media. CNN and their parent company AT&T. ABC News including The View, and its parent company Disney. We will be submitting to you the advertisers who are enabling these media companies to & for lack of a better term “wokify ” America.

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