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Attacked from Within

Is our country under attack from within? Did a narcissistic, egotistical cultural vandal tell us right out in the open what their transformational intentions were? Will he, and others use absolutely all the tools at their disposal to win the battle to destroy traditional America and totally transform this country? Totally transform this country into into a copy of many of the failed leftist, socialist countries now in various stages of failing across the globe. The tools for use at their disposal include corrupt court systems in leftist metro areas manned by members of the Soros army of leftist DA's. Also, sadly the upper echelons of the FBI appear to be in on the effort to rid the democratic party and the political left of Donald Trump as an opponent. Many of the people in positions of immense power and potential to be corrupted seem to be in panic mode at the idea of Trump being elected. One other big tool being used by the left in their assault on Trump, and in all truth, all of us on the right, is the media. The corrupt, leftist media. This is the only tool that those of us on the right and not living in a metro area have a way of taking action against. The talking heads on the corrupt media airwaves are very highly paid propaganda excreters and they stay on message given to them by their bosses who get their instructions from somewhere still to be determined. ABC News and The View are mainly manned by democratic hacks and are owned by Disney. We should take every effort we can to defund Disney and their efforts at advancing the leftist ideas and even grooming children. CNN is another and we should all contact at least one of their advertisers per week and tell them that if they continue to advertise on CNN we will find an alternative product to purchase. MSNBC is an abomination to all legit media outlets and should be defunded in the same way. Is this the way the leftists on the inside are going to fundamentally transform America? It shouldn't come as a surprise to any of us, after all Obama said they were going to do it. Anyone, starting with Trump, who fights their transformation will be attacked in a manner such as the one used to attack Trump and not just attacked...destroyed. Destroyed both financially and personally. Is this the civil war they are talking about? If it is we can fight back financially by changing our spending habits. Cancel your cell phone service and switch to Patriot Mobile. It would make a difference if we all did it. For your news and sources of information use O'Reilly, Bongino, Valuetainment, John Solomon, and many other truthful, reliable news sources. In this way we can turn the tables on the corrupt media.

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