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After taking a break for some re-organization Turningthetablez is back. We will continue with our goal of twice weekly reports on the leftist corporate media not only being biased, but working hand in hand with the democrats and in some cases seeming to set the agenda. While all this is going on we, the consumers, are paying for it. It's time we contacted the customer service offices of these companies who are advertising and subsidizing the leftist corporate media. Here at #Turningthetablez the best we can find out, each morning the three big networks plus #CNN and #MSNBC get their talking points sent to them from the think tanks on K street.

Day after day the damaging far left ideas from the far left DNC are being put forth several hours a day on these networks. It's becoming comical on these networks how actual journalists are being phased out and replaced by "former" democratic operatives. Georgie Stephanopolous of bimbo eruption fame is a prime example. They take a democratic hack or lackey like him, pay him or her a 7 or 8 figure salary and they will then say what they are told to say. This Week was at one time a great Sunday news show and now its a joke. Same goes for Meet the Press but that's a subject for another day. Disney, which owns ABC, has been at the forefront of the woke companies activism has saw their stock drop to roughly half it's value in the last year.

As consumers we should all totally shun Disney. ESPN, also owned by Disney, spends way too much of it's broadcast time spewing wokeness and is coming under heavy criticism for that. Any advertisers on This Week should be called and politely requested to to stop subsidizing the DNC and the talking points being put forth on this show by Georgie and Martha. The country is rapidly deteriorating. Soon America will be in shambles thanks to the leadership of the Biden administration. I say administration and not Biden by himself because we can't help wonder how many people behind the scenes are making decisions. It's hard to believe this is all originating from a man who rarely ever makes a statement that is not written for him and placed on a teleprompter to be read by him through squinted eyes. Without the daily onslaught of attacks on Trump, and the daily cheerleading of Biden by the media we wouldn't be in this vacuum of leadership we are now in. The only way we can speak besides voting is by using our financial power as a group to change the spending habits of advertisers on these liberal networks. Thank You

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