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Breathtaking Stupidity

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen how the media, no matter how severe, covers for Biden and the democrats even though the crimes committed seem to be quite significant. No matter what the democrats do or the impact on the country, the media continues to ignore the occurrences or cover for them. You cannot help but wonder whose side are these people on? The political left has a very low opinion of America and seems to not ever consider or even care what damage may be caused by their wacky and woke policies. All this damage is being made possible by the corrupt leftist media. They simply are very selective of the stories they choose to cover and on others they are just flat out dishonest and lie to the viewers, many of which are apathetic enough to not pay close enough attention to notice they are being lied to. Today we have a president touting his Bidennomics as he calls them, when food prices are up 35% since his election and gas prices are up $2 a gallon in the same time. The gas prices are up this significant amount even though they have literally drained the Strategic Oil Reserve. The SOR was in no way meant to be used as a way for politicians to keep gas prices from going up. It was meant to be used at a time of war or just to have to be used in a time of a national emergency. We now have a SOR that has been literally drained and it's hard to see any benefit that came from it. Have you heard any of the media saying anything about it? We haven't either. The political left is not improving America it is harming America by the many looney ideas and policies that they have implemented. Many of these policies are hard to comprehend as to why anyone would dream these up. Why for instance would you want literally multiple millions of people streaming across your open border? The people in favor of this, and it is not a plurality of American citizens who are, should know that this is going to lead to an extreme overloading of the social safety net. You can ask this question to a mayor of one of the many virtue signaling induced sanctuary cities who are now begging for the flow of illegal immigrants to stop coming to their cities. You would think that numerous reporters by now would be asking these mayors what they meant when they declared their cities to be sanctuary cities. We have not been seeing any of that on the channels employing the corrupt leftist media tactics. Do they not recognize that the damage being done to the country is going to harm the future prospects of their children and grandchildren? Or are they so devoted to the liberal, leftist line that that is all they care about. Some may be just most interested in the mega salaries paid to many of the journoactivists employed by the corrupt media and just say what they are told to say by corporate. We must do our best to stop these media entities and their big money backers on the political left like Soros and Hollywood. Any corporate entity that seems to be backing the ideas of wokeness should be dealt with financially and totally be cut off from your hard earned money. Would you donate to the campaign of Biden or Hillary? I be you wouldn't but by trading with companies that donate to them we are indirectly doing the same thing. Target, Disney (parent company of ABC News), Bud Light and any advertiser on CNN or MSNBC should be totally and completely boycotted by all of us on the political right and we can make an impact in how things are done. We can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt political left.

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