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Cancel The Check

Have you seen enough yet! Have you called AT&T and cancelled service? Patriot Mobile is a good company and chances are it is cheaper. Directtv is limiting your viewing options according to the their political preferences and you are going to keep them as your cable provider???

At some point we have to do something. The democratic politicians have the border wide open which harms people's lives who live near the border. An argument could be made that it harms all of our lives. It does not even make sense. There are many things going on now that are being pushed by leftist politicians which are hard to explain rationally. We think they are moving ahead with their goal of fundamentally transforming America. In a mind blowing development this week we have FBI agents acting as whistleblowers now with testimony about corruption and political bias among the FBI administration. Was the FBI working with Big Tech to limit the voices of Americans? Will this be given more than a passing mention on the news? Fox News and Newsmax are covering it. They are actually covering it quite extensively. Of course we here at Turningthetablez are sure you are aware of the fact that Directtv recently took Newsmax off the air. Undoubtedly they were flabbergasted by the fact that Newsmax actually covers this kind of news that is unflattering to the political left.

We should all, if we have Directtv, cancel it and move to an alternative. Dish network offers newsmax as a part of all their packages. To punish these companies financially is the only way we have to fight back against the liberal news networks and the cable providers who are coordinating with them. If Trump voters cancelled Direccttv and AT&T phone service that would be a massive financial blow to AT&T. Pair this with a conservative avoidance of the Disney properties and cancelling any Disney premium channels and Joy Behar might have to be given a reduction in salary. Former 'Chief Bimbo Eruption" manger George Stephanopoulos Might even have to adjust his $15M salary.

We have lots of problems right now from fentanyl, uncontrolled immigration, FBI corruption and dishonest self serving politicians to drag queens for kids and encouragement of transgender children. Things are becoming crazy and very unfamiliar. We will have ourselves to blame when it's over if we do not do something. People must start finding alternative, truthful and reliable news sources to educate themselves with. People who vote have a certain amount of responsibility for educating themselves before they vote. The left preys on their ignorance. It's time we stopped paying for the destruction of our own country. It's time we started Turningthetablez on the crooked corporate media.

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