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Citizens Must Educate Themselves

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been convinced that the corruption is way deeper and plays a much greater role in our government than you previously thought? Does it now appear to you that maybe too few people are controlling too much of this country, and also the way we live our lives? It's time American voters became more educated and less apathetic about what is going on. Alternative sources of information have to be utilized. The alternative sources of news and information about what is going on in this country are becoming more plentiful and easier to find and utilize. By utilizing these sources and becoming better informed and not trusting the leftist corporate media the voters can be better informed when making their voting choices. The political left relies heavily on apathetic and "low information voters" to get their candidates elected. People may argue this but a pretty significant percentage of the 2020 Biden voters now say had they known about the Hunter Biden laptop their vote would have been different. The reason this was possible is that the leftist corrupt media is extremely selective of what information they choose to be released to the electorate. The vast majority of that, maybe 99% of it, is either damaging to the conservative or republican politicians or helpful and beneficial to the democrat politicians or officials. If the Hunter Biden laptop had been the Donald Trump jr laptop it would have been a 24\7 news issue choking out virtually all other issues at that time. Another thing done by the leftist media to advance the election of Biden and the removal of trump was the constant banter on TV about how Trump would start wars and be a disaster on the diplomatic front. Now that we have Biden we are getting more and more involved in conflicts and he is becoming a joke when dealing with other nations. Another thing that is happening is whether you believe in The Great Reset or not Business entities are slowly taking things over using tools like ESG and leftist socialist methods. Things we must start paying attention to is the way that too much power is being concentrated in small areas involving business behemoths like Black Rock, Vanguard and State Street. these entities should be declared a monopoly and broken up. Remember to find alternative, truthful sources of news information such as O'Reilly, Megan Kelly, Tucker Carlson in the form of internet sources or podcasts. Newsmax is a good source as well as, to a lesser extent than a few years ago, Fox News. Any kind of video from Victor Davis Hanson is very educational and makes you think in a way that is no longer presented in the public school system and surely not from the leftist corporate media. We must use our ability to be selective of where we spend our money as to not help the leftist corporations trying to control the way we live our lives. So no Disney entities should be dealt with and any product that advertises on CNN or MSNBC. These are the companies that are very much responsible for the election of Biden to the presidency. This took us from a president who was making a sacrifice and putting America first to a president who has been using his position in politics for fifty years as away to profit for his family.

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