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Civil War Waged by Corrupt Media

Have you seen enough yet? Are you shocked by the blatant bias and lying by the media ,and their obvious coordination with the political left? We would hope not it's been going on for years. This is critical in the political left achieving their political goals. None of the myriad of crazy things going on now would not be possible without the help from the media. They slowly move these crazy things in on you a little at a time to gradually make the crazy not seem crazy. Like putting a bullfrog in a skillet and slowly turning up the heat. How else do they hope to advance some of the most crazy ideas you can think up. In this country now, largely due to the corrupt media, whether people are male or female is no longer a black and white issue. To the point of being sued this has become an everyday issue that takes up time in the media airtime. The media, and the political left, rely on people not paying attention. They post and say outrageous, bombastic headlines in the hopes that people busy with their everyday lives will hear or read them in passing and believe it to be true. Informed people know this and know better than to believe most of what is said in the media. We have a president who does not even try to be truthful. H knows the big three networks and CNN and MSNBC will not call him on it. Do you think Meet the Press or "bimbo controller" Stephanopoulos would call him or even ask a serious question of a democrat? The media is not only corrupt, but is working hand in hand with the DNC and others to aid the left and attack the republicans. Besides the DNC the DOJ also seems to be working with the media to release whatever information or imagery they need released. The media has informally declared war on the political right in the country. Conservatives are fair game and hired mouths go out there every day and make an effort to attack and destroy them. In the words of the late Vince Foster destroying people is a game in DC. Partisan weaponization, which was started by Obama people, has become the new norm in govt. If you are a conservative you can bet you are fair game. It is time we wake up and make an effort to combat these efforts against us. Disney is the owner of the corrupt ABC News and should be totally boycotted. Any advertisers on CNN and MSNBCX should also be boycotted. Drying up the media's supply of money is the only thing that will stoop them and their destructive politics. We are being attacked every day and it is time we attacked them back.

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