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Complete Corruption

What we are seeing is unbelievable. Apparently along with the corporate media and the political left there is also extensive corruption inside many of the agencies of the federal government. It sure looks like the FBI, CIA and the IRS are involved in shady dealings which always seem to benefit the democratic party. There is a lot of stuff going on that is harmful to the functionings of our country but really none of them would be possible if not for the corrupt, biased and dishonest media. Much like how the media and the democrats attacked Trump as soon as he got off the elevator the media started attacking the Durham report before anyone had really had time to read it. It was clearly a coordinated effort. In fact we have to give them credit they are very well organized and coordinated team. The question does still remain as to who is behind all the coordination and where it originates from. It's hard to say who and where but this does seem to be the kind of thing that a community organizer would want to put in place. There is little doubt now that the high ups in the previously mentioned government agencies were doing all they could in a desperate no holds barred fight to get rid of Trump. That brings up the question as to why they were so desperate to get him out of power. One reason may be that he was not in any way controllable. We were in a battle with the leftist corporate media, big tech, federal agencies, the government itself and the apathy that seems to envelope much of the electorate. We must fight back and the only way we really have to do it is buy utilizing our ability to not buy products. ABC News can be fought by not spending any money with Disney, their parent company. Cancel all subscription channels and do not set foot in any of their amusement parks. Any company advertising with any ABC show should be called and asked to stop so you will not have to quit buying their product. CNN is owned by Warner Bros. along with a number of groups that include Blackrock and Vanguard who own a substantial portion of basically everything and should be broken up in a case against monopolies. It all comes down to if all Trump voters would boycott these companies and their advertisers the financial impact would be huge and we could really continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media conglomerates.

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