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Complete Corruption

Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided that maybe it's time people started paying attention to what is going on? The people who read this and many like minded people are well aware of what is playing out ,but still we are affected by the apathy and indifference displayed by much of the population. This apathy and indifference is opportunistically preyed upon by the left and its allies in the corrupt media. It's unbelievable that people in America are voting for some of these absolute loons who are stalking around capitol hill constantly on the march against the fundamental foundations of America. Ten years ago these people would have been so far out of the acceptable lane that they would have been existing on the fringe of society and now they are serving in congress. Number one on their recipe for success is to pay no mind to the standards of honesty. President Obama and now Biden regularly told huge lies, as do most politicians. Obama is an eloquent speaker but if you analyze what he says it is often a big puff of nothing simply delivered with skilled hand gestures and dramatic pauses. All of this is made possible by the corrupt leftist media. They wouldn't, for fear of losing their jobs, say anything remotely negative about Obama so he gets away with it. The leftist media must be destroyed. That is a harsh way to put it and no doubt a leftist, journoactivist acting as a reporter would breathlessly act outraged that anyone on our side would use divisive language like that. The leftist media loves to use words like divisive when reporting on their enemies on the right. The fact is that according to the American people the media is one of, if not the most, damaging entities in the U.S. today. If that is the case then why would we not want to destroy it? In no way should any of the journoactivists be harmed or injured but they should be put out of a job. It has become increasingly obvious that the media has devolved into something that it was not meant to be as a integral part of our republic. The media should not be done away with but it does need to be transformed back into the entity that reports the day's occurrences and happenings instead of being an arm of the political left like it has no doubt become. To put it simply it is time to get mad. It is time to get mad at the corrupt media and the politicians who are doing so many of the corrupt and downright evil things going on today. It's time to start noticing that the politicians, on either side of the aisle, who may speak very well while wearing their starched suit may in fact not be saying anything of substance. In fact they might even be lying. The simple fact is that many of the politicians seen daily on TV or in the papers are not really all that impressive of individuals if you knew them. Many are in it for their own gain and possess very few of the qualities which would be impressively evident in many regular citizens walking down Main St in your communities today. How impressive is it to use other people's tax money to provide services to other people, yet many of these politicians nearly injure their arms patting themselves on the back in congratulations. It is a sad fact that many of the members of congress are doing the first thing in their life that they have been successful at doing. Pandering for votes! This kind of nonsense is made possible by a corrupt media that works hard everyday, not at journalism, but in advancing the agenda of the left. People on the right who are against grooming of children and the endless forge ahead of the LGBTQ community, who have every right to live as they choose but they do not have the right to wedge themselves into every aspect of society. Society is being transformed by the left and we can't help but wonder why. All the current boycotts must continue against Target, Kohl's and Bud Light. Disney must be avoided at all times and at some point our boycotts need to get more organized. The power to not spend money by the political right is the most potent political weapon out there and it must be utilized against the political left and their allies in the corrupt media.

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