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Corrupt But Not Smooth

Have you seen enough? Have you decided now that enough shady stuff is going on that maybe it might be the time to take action? The corruption on the political left and in the legacy media is on full display. They have always taken steps to try and hide it but it is getting to the point now they are putting less and less effort into doing that. The level of effort put into trying to hide bias may have diminished but the level of bias and corruption appears to have risen. We have to combat what appears to be an alliance between the FBI,CIA, IRS and of course the media.

Crazy, corrupt and very bad things are happening and instead of reporting on it the media is in bed with the people doing the bad stuff. For some reason the effort to prevent Trump from becoming president again has become a focused, desperate endeavor. The effort to prevent Trump from becoming president has probably exceeded the effort to get him defeated in the 2020 election. Why is that? Does the deep state know their goose is cooked if he gets back in power? If another republican were to take the lead in polling would they be indicted? Or would they become, like Trump, the focus of an all out media blitz 24 hours a day telling us what a bad person/criminal they are? The ridiculousness with the way the media attacks republicans is a bit of a joke.

Joy Behar, the most unpleasant person on tv, will accuse Tim Scott of not understanding what it is to be black, or she will say Nikki Haley does not understand what it is to be a modern woman. It does not have to be true or even make sense for today's media to say it while on the attack against conservatives. The big issue with this, and why the majority of Americans say that today's media is so unpopular is that they are actually harming the country. Only 12% of Americans say that they trust the media at a high level. The easily offended crybabies in the media have contempt for the "normal" folks out here and often explain how those of us not in their bubble just are not complex enough to really understand today's issues. So in effect they are harming our lives, and helping the political left take more and more control of our lives. Since that is obviously the case how come we are subsidizing them by spending money with their parent companies or with the advertisers that pay their salaries?

It's time to not spend even one dime with Disney, either through their premium channels or at their amusement park properties. It’s time middle America steps up and stops being stepped on!

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