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Corrupt For Profit Media

Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided that it might be time for the public to take the time to take action against the corrupt for profit media companies? Turning a profit is a good thing. It might even be said that turning a profit is an American kind of thing going along with the free enterprise system. Another "American" thing is a free and a non-biased media doing its job to hold the powers that be in this country accountable for their actions. Politicians in this country are made up of people who have the best interest of the country at heart, but it is also made up of corrupt people who have their own interest at the forefront of their actions. It appears that some of these people may not even have the best interest of this country at the center of their motivation, but are highly motivated to help countries or entities who are direct adversaries of this country. At some point we would think that the media would, finally, step in and do something, anything to point out some of these things. Up till now the mainstream media has not done so. We are reaching the point now that corruption is so bad in all aspects of the government that radical changes must take place. It's become pretty obvious the CIA, FBI and the IRS have been used against the political right. In no way have the mainstream media done any coverage to confirm or deny that. They have become such an ally of the left and the democrats that they might as well be thought of as an arm of the DNC. For those of us on the right it is now time to be fed up with this situation. Voters now have to take there responsibility as voters seriously and educate themselves on the issues at stake in the elections. They must not be fooled by a slick line and endless media onslaughts against candidates who are conservatives. The only weapon we have to use against them is our financial power of not spending any money with them. We can call and ask advertisers to not spend there advertising dollars with these corrupt media conglomerates. Our best way of taking action might be to stop spending money with the parent companies:

Disney owns ABC News, The View and its stable of wackos

Paramount is the parent company of CBS News

Warner Brothers is the parent company of CNN

Comcast owns NBC and MSNBC

We are still searching for a way to get back at Comcast other than not watching their networks. Are we ready to go to the trouble of avoiding all things Disney? Can we go to the trouble of avoiding all things Warner Bros and Paramount? We are of the opinion that avoiding Disney financially would be easy. Avoid the theme parks and cancel those premium channels! We don't know about you but we don't like the idea of our money going to pay the salaries of Joy Behar and Georgie Stephanopoulos. This is the only weapon we have to combat the corrupt media who it appears is being used by the left to set the political agenda in this country.

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