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Corrupt Media

Are we finally ready to stop being lied to by the condescending, corporate leftist media? Are those of us here at Turnthetablez the only ones insulted by the garbage they produce and expect us to believe?

In our previous article we went over just a few of the misleading terms that they use.

At times they do not even ask questions of the guests on their shows. Many times a question is asked, but but before the question is asked they state...."Would it be wrong to say?" At this point they then ask their pointed question or make a statement.

A crafty way to get their propaganda out disguised as a small infomercial. We have to stop being naive! By trading with the advertisers of these shows we are paying to receive this gibberish. Right now many liberalism politics/media are grumbling about how the one vote of Sen. Manchin can stop the agenda of a president who got 81 million votes.

The founding fathers undoubtedly knowing the weak nature of man designed it this way to make it harder for the politicians to screw things up! We believe in freedom of the press here, but we also believe honesty of the press is essential for all this to even begin to work correctly. The honesty is sorely missing from the press. The leftist, corporate media is an agenda driven arm of the DNC in most cases. Any one can see this, the journoactivists are made up of an increasing percentage of ex-democratic hacks given an extremely high paying job on the networks to do their job of spouting liberal talking points.

The leftist corporate media organizations are run by globalist leftists who in the words of Barack Obama want to fundamentally transform America. There is no doubt they are slowly, in small steps, achieving their goal. The corporate media beat their propaganda drum daily. Even though their ratings are laughable they do make an impact. The media is used directly by the left as an avenue to get out their message. It's becoming increasingly rare for actual news to figure into the equation of the three old networks or CNN and MSNBC. There has not even been a mention of the rising inflation on the three evening news programs.

They either omit or distort the stories in the news daily depending on how it fits their agenda. We must take action. Take 5 minutes to call the customer service lines of an advertiser or two on the corporate media. If you can stand to watch the show on CNN or one of the other leftist networks for % minutes call an advertiser requesting they cease their subsidizing of these propaganda channels. It's time to stop being naive and start Turningthetablez on the DNC media machine!

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