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Corrupt Media Given Ammo

Have you seen enough yet? The corrupt corporate media is on the attack, and looking for any reason to attack Donald Trump. Real or fabricated the corrupt media is using every chance they can garner to continue their all out onslaught on Trump and his family. There are no rules or guidelines that they follow they are just in a full out attack all the time. We need to do all we can to not watch these news channels and stop whatever cash flow that they have. We have continually talked about Disney/ABC News and the need to stop spending any money with Disney so we are not helping pay the salaries of Stephanopoulos or Behar. There is also something else that can be done, Donald Trump could be more careful what he says not to offend people. It is true that many voters out there are snowflakes who have their feelings hurt very easily, so as we need all the votes we can get giving them any reason to not vote Trump must be avoided. At a rally this weekend Trump made a point of asking where Nikki Haley's husband was. Turns out, as a reservist, he is deployed to Africa. President Trump was on a roll and got caught up in the moment but this soundbite will be used repeatedly by the corrupt media and the corrupt democrats. These democrats have already ridiculously impeached him twice and with people like Schiff, Swalwell and Goldman they have no scruples about using and distorting any possible quote for political purposes. So many people in the public today are uninformed, busy voters and can be swayed by the distortions and lies from the political left. The corrupt media falls right in line with these dishonest politicians and make an effort to use any tidbit they can for political advantage true or not. It has been said that the following breakdown of the public is true. 1% Runs the country

4% are puppets who help the 1%

90% are zombies/ very busy citizens or apathetic

5% are trying to wake up the 90%

We feel that this is a very helpful, if not accurate picture of what is going on in this country politically. The corrupt media and the corrupt left/ deep state preys on this 90% with lies and distortions in an effort to influence the outcome of elections. People have to not allow this to happen either by educating themselves which seems very unlikely. Hey we are sorry but it just does. The other way is by stopping the corrupt media by ending their cash flow. We really think if people would use the alternative sources of news and we have listed many of them, and if our candidate would exhibit just a little bit of discipline we can win. Way too many people vote with their emotions while thinking Trump is mean or unpresidential . Upresidential is a word made up by CNN and MSNBC to prey on uninformed voters. Is Biden presidential with his yelling and screaming? Remember to cancel all things Disney and use the alternative and reliable news sources so we can continue Turningthetablez on the lying media.

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