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Corrupt Media Leads to Erosion in Trust

Have you seen enough yet? Has the damage being done by a corrupt, lying media become so evident that even the uninformed voters relied on for election by the democrats have began to notice? The lying, leftist, corrupt media has now stopped trying to put up the facade of being unbiased. Many of them have now come out as "champions' of democracy by being biased in their reporting. They are now blatant and proud of their bias and what appears to be outright lying in doing anything they can to further the leftist, liberal agenda. A huge majority of the American public no longer has trust in the media. The media has minimal concern for this as their main goals are advancing the leftist agenda and turning a profit for their corporate bosses. The truth is way down the list in their priorities. The lack of trust in this country between the conservatives and the liberals is a bad thing to have to deal with in the political world. The media is responsible for much of this with how they stoke the flames of resentment between the two sides as a way to make a profit. Most of what the media says anymore is ripe for fact checking. The Russiagate scandal is a prime example. CNN, MSNBC and the legacy networks deal in the information that helps their slant on the stories, not the truth. That is why ABC News/Disney employs Stephanopoulos and Martha Raddatz to spew the propaganda now being sent out on the once iconic This Week Sunday news show. The left, to the dismay of the SNL outfit, is actively trying to debank those of us on the right and it is time we did that same sort of thing to them. Totally boycott anything Disney from its amusement parks to its premium channels and movies. Disney, on top of being at the forefront of the grooming movement, is all in and on board with the hire of biased journalists. They have even stocked up on old democratic lackeys to spew propaganda on the ABC News shows. At some point people have to say no to all of the crazy, transformative things going on in America today and this would be a great way to start. The media is blatantly and purposely damaging America by lying day after day on these networks. They help to foster the division that has become more prominent in this country. Remember to stay away from Disney, Target and the woke companies damaging the society on a daily basis. Stay away from the overpaid journoactivists being used by the political left and get your news from reliable sources like Bongino, O'Reilly, Newsmax, Newsbusters, Townhall, Breitbart and other far more reliable sources for the news.

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