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Corrupt Media Must be Dealt With

Have you seen enough yet? Has the corrupt media done enough that you are ready to go to the trouble of defunding them totally? The corrupt media is now in all out assault mode on Donald Trump. If Haley or Desantis were the nominee they would be in attack mode against them. At this point the media is nothing more that an assault arm of the DNC used, in a very organized way, to attack any opponents of the political left. They use all of the isms to divide and conquer. Racism, Sexism, even ageism comes into play as parts of their methods of attack in their war against anyone who disagrees with their political philosophies. We here at Turningthetablez have decided to engage in our own ism as part of the defunding of the corrupt corporate media, stupidism. We, practicing our stupidism will no longer have anything to do with the stupid people involved in the relentless release of propaganda by the corrupt media. This will be done to counter the idiots on MSNBC who accuse MAGA people of practicing ageism in their opposition to Joe Biden. This has reached a new height of stupidity even for MSNBC. We wonder if this level of stupidity could even be found on CNN (we bet it could be). It is just one more example of the method of divide and conquer that is used continuously by the media and the political left. We have now been told that Biden loves to, on a daily basis, watch The Morning Joe show in MSNBC. No doubt, he loves listening them talk about the magnificence of his administration's efforts. We are also told he and fellow mental have not Joe Scarborough actually talk on the phone about policy. That should scare everyone. So remember we must continue efforts to defund/boycott all of the propaganda networks like the big three legacy networks and the jokes that are CNN and MSNBC. Stay off Disney properties and cancel all Disney premium channels as they are the parent company of ABC News and THE VIEW. There are lots of reliable sources of news and analysis out there like O"Reilly, Bongino, Joe Rogan, Megyn Kelly, NEWSMAX and even Fox News. The important thing is that we continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt, lying media and hopefully put them out of business and stop the damage they are doing to the country.

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