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Corrupt media Props up Biden

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been outraged by the way the media is now in an all out effort to protect and extoll the virtues of Joe Biden. the political left and the democrats are all about power. They care about very little else, the pursuit of power is always at the forefront of their actions. They are in it to win and they are not interested in appearing noble or honest. They are not interested in making friends or compromising. They are only interested in winning and gaining more power and very little, if anything else. The people on the right like Kinzinger and Romney who try to play nice and compromise to be diplomatic and bipartisan to make deals are fooling themselves. By doing this they are used by the political left to advance their agenda and criticize the mean people on the political right who do not cave to their political demands. The one constant in all this are the activists parading as journalists at the big three networks and CNN and MSNBC who work diligently 24/7 spewing information that makes the republicans look bad and the democrats look like the reasonable party of virtue. you will not hear anything on any of these channels about the left using lawfare to threaten and in some cases ruin the businesses of anyone that dared to try and help Trump. If the MAGA people would work together we have so much more power than any of these leftist lawyers possess. They have repeatedly said on the news how Trump, if elected, would investigate and attack his political opponents. We here at Turningthetablez hope that he does, but it takes a lot of nerve to say that when Trump has been under constant attack both in the courts and on the airwaves since he came down the escalator in trump Tower in 2015. Meanwhile, our present administration is attacking anyone and everyone who is a rival and made an effort to support the outsider, Trump. According to Victor Davis Hanson the democrats have the administrative state in full weaponization mode. Things are happening that just a few years would have sparked outrage in the media but nowadays the media is fully on board with the left and working hard every day to advance the idiotic agenda. If the trucker boycott of NYC does happen and we hope that it does that should serve as a model for the rest of the conservatives out there to do something that really makes a difference. Punish Stephanopoulos, Stahl and the rest of the imitation journalists by boycotting them, their advertisers and their parent companies like Disney. Disney is the parent company of the vile show The View and ABC News and we should totally cut off any money going to them. In this way and only in this way can we fight back against the corrupt media and their support of the bumbling Biden administration. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt, lying media comprised of democratic activists.

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