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Corrupt Media Suppresses Blockbuster News

Have you seen enough yet? One of the biggest stories on complete and total corruption to ever exist has the mainstream media refusing to cover it. What is going on now that is damaging the country, and the citizens, is the deep state is using Biden as a compliant tool to get done whatever corrupt and possibly illegal things they can get done. At some point these people have to be dealt with. It has come out now that Brennen, Obama and Hillary were the corrupt, lying ringleaders of the Russiagate hoax. There are actually reliable sources of news out there and look for stuff by Matt Tiabbi talking about the corruption and downright desperation not to let Donald Trump be put back into office, and the corruption and lies to keep him out in 2016. On an episode of 60 Minutes Lesley Stahl made a complete fool out of herself arguing with Trump about whether his campaign was spied on or not. Well Lesley, it was! It turns out that Brennan and his gang at the CIA enlisted the help of foreign governments to aid in the surveillance of twenty six people who were a part of the Trump team. The U.S. government itself spied on, and enlisted help from foreign governments to aid in the takedown of an American citizen who dared run for president and disrupt the business as usual in Washington D.C. How dare any of the normal everyday working citizens make their own choice as to who should be running this country we live and work in. All this would not be possible without a corrupt and compliant media. Lesley Stahl argued with Trump because maybe she did not know anything about the campaign being spied on, but the outrage is that she did not want to know! That is not the kind of story that would be shown on modern day 60 Minutes. They are now practically a part of the DNC helping the leftist political movement all they can. That is where the damage comes in though, many people watch this junk for a few minutes and then turn the channel thinking what journalists like Lesley Stahl said was the truth. The democratic party relies on these uninformed voters. Many of the lawyers and other people defending the Trump people targeted by the corrupt DOJ have been threatened with the ruin of their business if they go ahead with their efforts to help Trump. We have so much more power than them and can do so much more to affect the people on the corrupt left. If the MAGA block of people would work together to financially punish these journalistic jokes on the left things might change. It's time to do something before we are all eating synthetic meat and walking to work. You can bet the "elites" like Stahl, Stephanopoulos and Bill Gates will be driving or flying to work and still eating a good steak when the little people have taken there orders from people who know what's better for them than they themselves do.

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