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Have you seen enough yet? The corrupt, corporate media is working full time to cover for the politically inept left and advance the woke agenda. Our founding fathers said many times how important an honest media was to the successful function of a democracy. What we now have is far from an honest media. The media is the absolute number 1 tool being used by the woke, political left to advance it agenda. The media is also the number 1 tool used to attack Donald Trump. So many of the things they have said in the past have now been proven to be a lie. Not just wrong, but a blatant lie. The level of corruption in the American media has reached such levels that Mayorkas can say the border is closed and the media never calls him on it. Does anyone doubt that if Trump or any republican had basically used Epstein's plane and island like they owned it the way Clinton did that it would be non-stop on the news now. We are barely hearing a thing on Clinton's usage and obvious inappropriate/illegal activities from the media. The hatred and bias sent the way of Trump from the media is being orchestrated from somewhere in the background and we cannot quite pinpoint the location but it needs to be found out, exposed and dealt with. The media is used 24/7 by the democrats and the political left. They are used as a way to set the agenda and also as an attack dog on anyone that is different politically such as Tulsi Gabbard who could possibly be a future problem for the media. One reason for the vitriol sent Trump's way is how he bypassed the media. In a way, with the use of social media, he eliminates them. This was very effective in 2016 and he will undoubtedly be helped by his ability to do this in 2024. Just remember that we need to do our part by not spending any of our money that would benefit the advertisers on the corrupt media. We also must continue a complete boycott of the Disney company for their grooming efforts and bankrolling The View and ABC News. We must continue our efforts of Turningthetablez on the corrupt, leftist media.

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