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Corruption and collusion in the media

have you had enough yet? Have you cancelled your AT&T phone and switched to Patriot Mobile? Have you cancelled your Directtv yet to protest the removal of conservative news channel Newsmax? Newsmax is a conservative channel but it is miles ahead of the big three networks and CNN for accuracy in the news. There is so much lying going on in the media today. Truth telling is not the goal. Putting forth and advancing the liberal agenda is the goal. The media is constantly and blatantly lying to all of us on a daily basis. The only way we have to fight this is by using our non buying power to influence the advertisers on the networks. Their ratings are horrible but they still receive substantial money from just being part of the package that is offered by the cable provider. THAT is why it is important that we all get rid of our Directtv, and replace it with another option. Dish Network appears to be a satisfactory alternative. The important point to be made here is that the media is lying to us every day and we are paying their massive salaries by trading with the companies who are supporting them by advertising on their shows. We cannot contact every single advertiser and ask them not to advertise on these anti American shows, but we can make targeted selections of advertisers that may be receptive to our way of thinking politically. Another strategy we have is not trading with companies that no longer do business with MY Pillow. Mike Lindell is a sincere patriotic American and his efforts related to the last two elections are understandable. Whether or not the elections were stolen or illegitimate there is no doubt that SOMETHING was up. We will come up with ideas that might make it easier for us to make an impact on the advertising habits of companies. The Tea Party and MAGA people possess tremendous buying, or non-buying power if we use it. By using that power we can continue Turningthe tablez on the corrupt corporate media.

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