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Corruption at the Highest Levels

Have you seen enough yet? Have you heard the latest in the blatant, mind blowing Kari Lake bribery incident? The Kari Lake bribery incident shows just how little the "Elites" care about the everyday citizens in this country. Kari Lake is extremely popular, and appears to be the leading candidate to win the Arizona senate seat up for election this year. With that being said the chairman of the Arizona Republican party tried to bribe her to stay out of this race. He tried to talk her into not running until 2026. He made it very clear it was not his idea, he was merely conveying a message from the BOSSES back east. This is just more undeniable truth that the so called elites, some elected, some not do not have the best interest of the average Joe in mind. If she agreed not to run she would have it made worth her while. She would be appointed to corporate boards and stuff like that. We wonder if Paul Ryan is enjoying his appointment to the board at Fox News? To use a strong word there are sinister things going on behind the scenes. Above all else what we want to get across to you today is that the media is nothing but a tool being used by the left to prey on the uninformed in an effort to garner more power. Behind all this is the media, it would not be possible for this stuff to be going on if not for the complicit media. The corrupt leftist media is stocked with democratic has beens and lackeys like Stephanopoulos. Now not only do we have them either providing bogus information or suppressing damaging info we have them trying to get any information put out against the left called misinformation. Misinformation and censorship are a tool used by the left with increasing regularity. They will stop at nothing to control the flow of information and thusly, more control of our lives. They have such a high opinion of themselves and at the WEF one speaker even said the majority of the world's population was not necessary. According to him a majority of us are not necessary, necessary for what? People have to stop being so easy to dupe. If a media group is pushing a candidate chances are they have been approved by of a group of elites behind the scenes. A group of elites who more than likely live on one of our coasts or even out of the country. Stay away from anything Disney, TARGET, or anything promoted by the useful idiots at CNN or MSNBC. Can't people see the prospect of an outsider like Trump being put in power by the regular folks out in the country has the powers that be and their highly paid megaphones in the media up in arms? Are their enough of us little people out there to get him elected? How dare us even try is their position on this and you can see it by the deep state's willingness to even put people in jail who are brash enough to not let them just run everything. Hooray for Kari Lake we applaud her selflessness and willingness to not only turn down their big money but do so at a price to herself and her family. Some things should not be for sale and she proves that. Remember to use alternative sources for your news like Bongino, Mark Levin, Valuetainment, Megyn Kelley, Newsmax, O'Reilly and even Fox News although they are rapidly becoming less reliable. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the lying left and the corrupt media.

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