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Corruption, Collusion and Coverup

Have you had enough yet? Have you seen enough to convince you you that it is time to pay more attention to what the corrupt news media and corporate America tell you about how you need to live your life? We had Bud Light promoting transgender lifestyle and Disney is promoting all things LGBTQ, and maybe even doing things that could be called grooming. At least by some people it is. Most concerning we have a media working hand in hand with the corrupt members of the deep state. It has pretty much been displayed to the point of near certainty that the Biden clan was benefitting financially from ole lunch pail Joe selling his influence to various global characters. Now nobody has written a check directly to "the friend of the working man" Joe Biden. Joe never was the sharpest knife in the senate but he is not stupid enough to do that. For some reason the Bidens decided to open an offshore LLC account to handle these financial transactions. Did we mention they did not open one they opened twenty! The Bidens now have 170 suspicous activity reports relating to their financial dealings according to the treasury dept. It is now being said by many prominent people that Joe Biden may be the most corrupt politician in US history. We are talking about millions of dollars and the potential of influence peddling is obvious. IIf this was one of us, or a republican we would already be indicted. The Bidens are part of America's elite class. This is made up of politicians and many people, mainly on the left, who make the decisions every day that affect our lives greatly. This is further proof that there is a two tier justice system in the US. So many things have happened involving the elites that should have been huge law enforcement investigations but were not because of the social class or the politics of the people doing them. Do you think any of us average Joes out here would have gotten away with using a private server at our home to communications involving classified information. There has to be a reason she did that but it was never investigated by the FBI or the media. Joe Biden has not only engaged in shady activities he was stupid enough to talk about it in a group of people in front of the media. Still nothing. This kind of nefarious activity needs to be stopped but most of all the media needs to be stopped. These overpaid leftist activists work everyday to advance the agenda of the left and they must have their cash flow pinched off.. At least it needs to be pinched off from being funded by using our money. We must make a tremendous effort to not let one cent of our money be sent to Disney who are the parent company of The View and ABC News. CBS, NBC and CNN are harder to fight against but any advertising that is done on these channels need to be countered with a call to customer service and ask them if they have seen what is happening with Bud Light. These kinds of efforts appear to be on the rise, and this is our only real way to combat the media laughing at the majority of Americans while they cash their big checks. A strong, free and fair press is essential to the functioning of our way of govt and what they are currently doing is harming our country.

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