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Counter the Corrupt Media

Have you seen enough yet? Have you noticed all the corruption involved with the political left and the media in their efforts to transform America? The daily all out onslaught continues in the efforts to stop Donald Trump from regaining power. The question we have is why we are dealing with this effort at this time when Trump ran his presidency on the idea of putting America first, always. Like Trump or hate him, if you are being truthful you must admit that he always put this country first which is not something you can say about the current president. That, in itself, is quite a statement to make about a politician. Most of the politicians in DC are looking out for themselves first and foremost. How many of them have become extremely wealthy on a congressional salary? A whole boatload of them have and something is up. The media are becoming wealthy due to the gargantuan salaries being paid to them. That situation is different, and power to them to make whatever the market says they should be paid. The issue with them is what it is they are doing to earn these salaries. Make no mistake, they are doing exactly what they are told to earn their money. They are to be dishonest and attack the right at all times while extolling the virtues of Biden and the democrats. Again that is fine for them to do that as long as doing their job as journalists is not the goal. What they do day after day is what is known as activism which would make them activists not journalists. We like to use the derisive term journoactivists here. We wonder if worry for the country ever enters the minds of the democratic elected officials or the journalists who without a doubt know that the IRS and now even the FBI have been weaponized against political opponents of the left. They can always have nitwits like Swalwell, Schiff or Raskin who will fight and argue no matter the facts or lack of facts. Obama official Ben Shapiro said that both the media and the public are stupid and that should be exploited for political gain at every opportunity. We cannot be of assistance to a stupid media but we can educate ourselves as voters and counter that partisan hack and his opinion. The other thing we can do is not spen our money in ways that help the left put forth their corrupt message. By trading and doing business with Disney we subsidize their woke political efforts and help pay the salaries of people like Stephanopoulos and Joy Behar who work for ABC News which is owned by Disney. We must avoid their therme parks and premium channels. Other companies like Target, Burger King, and many others can be avoided and we should go to Mammothnation website to try and see helpful conservative companies to shop with. This will help us continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media.

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