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Deception For a Living

It has now become public knowledge that Jen Psaki will soon take her liberal talking point extravaganza to #MSNBC. In all honesty, going in front of a microphone every day and telling the world what a good job Joe #Biden and the congress are doing is quite a task. Psaki goes up to the podium and does this on a nearly daily basis. Of course when truth can be discarded in defense of this bumbling bunch in the White House it makes that task much easier. No matter what calamity may come upon this country Psaki and Biden blame it on Putin, covid and occasionally Trump.

#Gas prices up significantly before the invasion of Ukraine? No matter, it's still Putin's fault. Inflation up by historic levels in 2021? No matter, it's still Putin's fault. Truth, and at least to some extent, sound rational thought is not a part of their thought equation. Now Psaki is taking her schtik to MSNBC. It's about time. The taxpayers have been shelling out $180,000 a year for her to spew whatever information best fits the Biden's latest predicament. Now she can reap her reward for being loyal and not averse to throwing the need to be truthful out the window. More than likely she will get a book deal rewarding her also. That's how the left operates. The loyal/ridiculous drone workers like #Psaki spew ridiculous arguments daily, and then they are rewarded with a book deal.

In this case a prime time TV slot was also a part of the package. Acosta got a big money book deal for harassing Trump at press conferences. If Psaki gets a book deal we will have to keep track and see if it's a blockbuster seller like Acosta's! Thwe main point here is that we need to make sure we do not subsidize Psaki"s show. She will be spouting gibberish that is damaging to all of us. We need to contact her advertisers right off the bat and strongly request they not use our purchasing power to pay her #salary.

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