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Defund the Corrupt Media

Have you seen enough yet? Has your mind been blown, not only by the level of corruption present in the media and the political sphere, but by how blatant and in your face they are now about how they do it. More and more the opinion of the voter is of lesser importance to the politicians since the media is an all out 24/7 toll to influence the opinions of voters now anyway. It seems the ultimate goal of the media and the political left is to take even more power away from the voter. Joe Biden is obviously not mentally fit enough to be president but luckily for the democrats Obama is in the background to run things and orchestrate the agenda. The thing that the democrats and their allies in the media cannot allow to happen is for Biden to run for re-election because he is unelectable at this point. The other thing that increasing numbers of people are talking about is that things are expected to get worse in the coming months. The media will do all they can to gracefully put Biden out of the race no doubt using Jill to announce they are doing it for his health but they very much want to avoid a primary where so many of the flawed aspects of this administration could be highlighted. The occasion to do this will be at the DNC National convention where the powers that be can just bypass the democratic voters and just name a replacement. Remember the super delegates? The ticklish part of this will be how to push Kamala aside without further alienating the voters of color. The media will no doubt begin to highlight daily, in any way they can, how the republicans are racists. they will interview "experts" who will say what is needed to portray the right as racist and then they can use that daily to point what the so called expert said. This is how they use the media to drive the different agendas they want to put forward. Whether or not the expert is telling the truth is beside the point and not important them they just need a reference point to hammer home to their voters. This is, in a way, why they hate Trump. Fear him might be a better term because of his savvy use of social media hen sidestep the media putting forth his own points that are not distorted by the democratic lackeys in the media. So we need to stop subsidizing the salary of Disney employee Georgie Stephanopoulos. Let him go back to his roots as a bimbo controller for the Clintons. Make an effort to contact anyone advertising on CNN and send absolutely not a penny to Disney. In this way we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media.

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