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Defund The Corrupt Media

Have you seen enough yet? We have an incompetent who would have been in over his head in this job on his best dat and it is obvious his best days are long behind him. it will take decades to correct and reverse the damage that has been done by Joe Biden and the corrupt, corporate media has helped him do this damage on a daily basis. The political left and the corrupt corporate media accomplish much of their agenda by utilizing un-elected, partisan bureaucrats to advance their agenda. Much of this ,if not all, is obviously coming from a centralized planning hub. Many of the ultra wealthy people who are formulating and pushing the ultra left agenda being advanced will not be affected by the advancement of these political goals anyway. As regular everyday people we are being brushed aside by the political left and the media. The ultra wealthy and political organizers pushing these insane political goals are self appointed watchers and deciders for the common folks like us out here who are not able to make decisions for ourselves. At some point the power of politics needs to be used to remove some of the concentration of power that has been acquired by entities like Blackrock, Vanguard and the billionaires that use their wealth to control the lives of so many people. The one thing that is a constant in all this corruption and greed is a media that is not doping its job. They are not reporting on the greed and corruption they are an accomplice in its acquisition. The founding fathers warned us about this and many of the other troubling things going on now in our country. More referral back to the sayings and writings of the founding fathers should be going on now instead of constantly being exposed to these power seekers who actually think of themselves on par with the founders of this country. We think there is no doubt there was divine involvement in the founding of this country and many of today's power seekers want absolutely no part of that. We must use our power of the wallet to combat the corruption going on today and hurt these media entities in the only way that matters to them...their finances. Remember to boycott ABC News and its parent company Disney and make an effort to call at least one advertiser on the other DNC aligned networks. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media and the political left.

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