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Defund the meDIA

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen so much absurd, dishonest stuff that you are ready to do battle with the corrupt media? Have you decided to take action to keep the elites from achieving their self appointed position of runners of your life? How can all these Biden supporters be ok with these elites trying to decide what is ok or not ok with the things we do in our everyday life? Many of them have no clue what is going on and one reason for that is they rely on the propaganda being put forth by the corrupt media as news. We have very little media left! It is a corrupted profession and is now mainly used as a tool by Obama, Hillary and Pelosi to advance their leftist and globalist views. Without a doubt the DOJ, and other government agencies have been weaponized against people who basically are opponents of the Biden administration. People associated with Trump have actually been imprisoned for the same things that democrats like Eric Holder were not even charged with. The only thing that we hear from the corrupt media is how bad and evil the MAGA people are. The media do harm to the political right and they are dead set, like the democrats are, of not only defeating the political right but destroying them. Anyone associated with MAGA or Trump is to be compared to Hitler and then if a regular guy they are jailed. if they are a lawyer disbarment is brought into play. Either way they are out for blood and we usually are trying to play nice while democratic activists like Stephanopoulos, Todd and Tapper constantly are trying to attack and at times incriminate anyone on the right. Remember we should cancel all things Disney and make an effort to contact and ask any advertisers to stay away from CNN, MSNBC and shows like THE VIEW and Meet The Press. Only by doing this can we continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt, activist media

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