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Defunding the Corrupt Media

Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided that it is time to defund the legacy and corrupt media? The founders knew that a free and honest press was essential to the functioning of a democracy and now we have a corrupt media saying Trump is a threat to democracy while they collude with democrats to destroy Trump. This is corruption in its purest form, the way the media and the Democrats are working together to destroy a citizen of this country. We even had one of our favorites Georgie Stephanopoulos this weekend cutting off the mic of a Republican during an interview in an effort to control the narrative and outright lie. Yet another reason to boycott his parent company, Disney, who own ABC News and pay him several million dollars a year to try and mislead the public and influence the political climate. As a Rhodes scholar he is a very educated person but we wonder if he has ever taken a journalism course because he is certainly masquerading as one now while acting the part of a democratic Lackey. We have a president who for the second year in a row has declined to do a Super Bowl Sunday interview which had kind of become tradition. It is now obvious to everyone that he is not cognitively able to do the job as president and the only reason he can stay in the position is that the media does not dare bring to light his shortcomings. So in a very dangerous world we have a president who is mentally deficient and thinks to the media we are put in a dangerous position by this. They are the same media that allowed him to run for president from his basement. He ran for president from his basement but it does appear that he was making business deals with other countries at the same time. The media is no longer in the information business. They are in the advance the leftist woke agenda business. This is how they must be treated and we should make an effort to put them out of business. We also must utilize our alternative but reliable news sources like O’Reilly, Newsmax, Bongino, Townhall, news busters, and even Fox News. We must gain control of the information sources and they must be truthful and accurate even if they are critical of the political right. By doing this we can turn the tablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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