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Demise of Iconic News Shows

It's time to stop being a bystander! It's time to stop being naive thinking a lying media will implode. It's time to start taking action to make a difference. We have corporate media lying to us day after day.

Margaret Brennan, George Stephanopolous and Chuck Todd have taken three iconic Sunday news shows and made a complete farce of them. Margaret Brennan seemed to be conspiring with Sen Gillibrand more than interviewing her Sunday on Face the Nation. Stephanopolous holds a televised democratic strategy session nearly every Sunday on This Week.

David Brinkley he ain't !! To say Chuck Todd is a journalist stretches the term to it's breaking point. Chuck personifies the term journoactivist. We need to call FedEx and request a stop to advertising with Stephanopolous. Take five minutes and make a polite call with the request. FedEx which is a great company also advertises on Face the Nation. The fact that FedEx also advertises with Meet the Press with Chuck Todd was a relief and made it easier in this article to express an advertiser to contact! LOL

In our opinion here, while all three hosts are very unimpressive, Chuck Todd is an absolute joke.

He turned a large portion of his show on Sunday into an attack on the 2nd amendment. He also had to bring race into the discussion which surprised nobody. These are once iconic shows that have been turned into a thinly veiled, partisan hack, infomercial hosted by very highly paid partisan individuals who are doing exactly what they are being paid to do.

We believe these hosts wholeheartedly agree with the company line expressed on these shows. The fact is they would probably be fired and replaced if they expressed anything else.

It's time take a few minutes to contact customer service of these companies who advertise on these shows and request they stop subsidizing the left. These people and their agenda are harming America and they have the ultimate agenda of transforming the country which should scare everyone.

Turn the tablez on these hosts and their shows and make some calls!

FedEx customer service (800) 463-3339

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