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Different sets of Rules

Have you seen enough yet? There is a lot going on, and some of the task we have is to sort out what all is going on with the corruption in the media and different agencies of the government. We have obvious proof that multiple government agencies were involved in corruption and none of the legacy media is even mentioning it on their newscasts. It seems now the FBI and CIA were actively suppressing and promoting stories and investigations depending whether or not they were involving Biden or Trump. This really begs for investigation but the investigators would be investigating themselves. That would normally be where the media comes in and does their job of investigating what is going on but they are nowhere to be found. Blatant corruption and bias is on display for all to see and the media is staying on the sideline. No matter how corrupt and inept Joe Biden proves himself to be you can count on the fact that Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd will do all they can to suppress it on the once iconic news shows that they have made into an absolute jokes. Do you think it will be highlighted on The View? We don't think so either. The journoactivists mentioned above are all too busy being on the attack against Donald Trump after all that is what they are being paid to do. Do you think they will report on the rampant crime, non-existent border, fentanyl crisis or any of the other afflictions currently infecting this country? Do you think they will take time to condemn and publicly convict Donald Trump and anyone wearing a MAGA hat? You can bet on that, because we are fair game and you might jus well go ahead and say it....the enemy. There are two sets of rules in the media, one for the left and the establishment and one set for the right. The set of rules for the right or conservatives also applies to newbies who are not in the "club". Remember to keep up the fight. No money goes to Disney in any way, theme parks or premium channels. We don't want to be paying Stephanopoulos's salary. Any advertiser on CNN or MSNBC needs to be called and asked to stop subsidizing the lies. Educate a friend on the corruption going on, many people are just very busy and take for granted the news is telling the truth. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media and elect someone once again who puts America first.

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