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Do Something Before it is Too late

Have you seen enough yet? Have you been alarmed by the obvious coordination between the government agencies and the corrupt media? The "elites" have a goal and every day they are closer to achieving that goal thanks to the help from the media elites. America is under attack from within.

Lincoln said the only way America could be defeated is from within. It is now underway and it is all being made possible by the overpaid activists masquerading as journalists. Until they are stopped this cannot be turned around. There are good and professional journalists out there but there are not very many or they would not be in the position they are in if they were. These overpaid activists are all in for the woke agenda and will do everything they are asked to do even if it means helping promote bought and paid for fabricated things like the Steele dossier or burying stories like the Biden laptop.

They did all they could to bury the Story of Hillary Clinton's home server. Think they would have done that if Trump had done that? Stories are coming out now that not only did they bury that story but the FBI has destroyed all the evidence. They could not do this while Trump was in office so they kept the investigation for all those yeatrs but as soon as Trump was gone they brought out the dumpsters. We will probably never know because the media will not pursue that storyline. There are members of the media out there who are pursuing and reporting on these stories but they are not as easy to find as the big three networks or CNN. Citizens are going to have to start being a little less easy to deceive as they have become very easy for the media to get lies over on them. An effective way to do this is by finding alternative, authentic and truthful sources for their news. Places like Bongino or Bill O'Reilly would be great sources along with Megan Kelly. Newsmax is another good source but it is admittedly a right wing news source. Bongino is also not a reporter nor does he even claim to be, but he gives good information. The leftist corporate media is corrupt and it is harming America and must be stopped. Boycotting advertisers would be a great way to do this because the power of the right to not spend money in certain places must be utilized mainly because it is our only way of combatting the corrupt leftist in the media. To the people on the right who want to defeat the left but try to be nice while doing it that is a nice idea but they go for the throat and play to win. We had better do the same if we want to win.

The left is in the business of destroying people and they do not hesitate. Ask General Flynn, Carter Paige or any of the other Trump loyalist who were financially ruined by the left. There needs to be a reckoning for the liars in the leftist corporate media and it starts by not spending any of our money with them directly or indirectly through advertising. We must start with Disney and their entity ABC News. All premium channels should be cancelled and amusement or theme parks should be avoided.

Any company that advertises on CNN or MSNBC should be contacted and asked to cease spending money with these corrupt leftists or we will quit buying their product. Target must be avoided by all of us and maybe companies will stop promoting the perverse stuff they were putting out there for sale. Avoid financing our own demise and maybe we can continue Turningthetablez on these corrupt socialists.

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