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Dose of Own Medicine

Have you seen enough yet? It is time for people to recognize the bias and corruption in government in the media is getting worse every day. We now have one of our most corrupt corporations, Disney, threatening a boycott against X which used to be Twitter. Disney, which owns ABC News and The View, has been one of the leading corporations leading the fight for wokeness. For weeks we have been saying there needs to be a boycott of all things Disney whether it is premium TV channels or amusement parks. The only way we have to fight back against these huge corporations is by drawing up their money supply. There is no doubt Walt Disney would be horrified by what is going on at the Disney corporation nowadays. We have reached a point now where decent people have to say enough is enough! It is one thing to pay journoactivists/political hacks like Stephanopoulos millions of dollars a year to spew the propaganda the political left is trying to advance, and it is another to try to indoctrinate children. Disney, in our opinion, is pushing the LGBTQ agenda and now is trying to stop advertising on Twitter because of a political dispute. We must turn the cash faucet off going to Disney. Anyone who considers theirselves to be a MAGA person or a Trump backer should make an effort to stop any of their money from going to Disney. These woke, leftist companies are already showing their intention to back the leftist candidates in 2024 and attack the republican. All kinds of bad, crazy stuff going on in the world and we have a media to thank for us having a president who is utterly clueless. Quite possibly our most important ally is under daily daily attack while we are being threatened at the same time, and our president has declared war on airconditioners and gas cookstoves. The question has to be....Who's side is he on? With Trump, unless your name was Schiff or Swalwell, there was no doubt Trump was putting America first. With Biden, and to a certain extent the media, there are questions at times where allegiances lie. The media's allegiance lies with the democrats, but Biden seems to be awfully worried about Ukraine and China and Iwe think everyone knows why. If the media did its job this would all come to light, but they do not. That is why we must continue efforts to defund companies like Disney who support the wokeness and leftward lurch of America. We must continue Tueningthetablez on the media.

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