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Have you seen enough yet? Have you decided it might be time to be inconvenienced enough to battle the corrupt media behemoths. It appears that the corruption going on now in the U.S. government is at a level that is unmatched at any other time in history. The only corruption out there even close to that corruption is the corruption in the media. We have entire government agencies being mobilized and sent as attack dogs against private citizens who do not share the political philosophies of the party in power. We are now being told that although he had absolutely no authority or legitimate reason for doing so Joe Biden will not be charged with anything for taking classified documents home with him. Some of these papers have been in his possession for decades and he had no authority to take them. None at all! It is not lawful to take and possess any classified material and store it in your garage even if it is stored next to a corvette. If Biden's house was raided in a SWAT like matter we missed it. The double standard here is scary and it seems to happen over and over again. President Trump, who had authority to possess and even declassify classified materials while president, did have his home raided. Several of his allies and team members have also had their homes raided, some at gunpoint in predawn raids. CNN just happened to be filming from across the street in one of these. Was Hillary Clinton charged with any crimes when she destroyed materials that had been subpoenaed ? We are sure she had nothing to hide when phones used by her team members and allies were destroyed with hammers. Seriously, would there be any other reason for them to be destroyed in this manner? There was also the time after being asked by a reporter if her people wiped computers obtained from them she ridiculously asked "like with a cloth" when she knew they had been wiped with a bleachbit cleaner that would digitally "clean" or erase the hard drive. Something is up! Why, instead of covering for the democrats is the FBI not investigating these OBVIOUS efforts to obstruct justice? The double standard is very damaging to our country. Why is this not an around the clock media sensation of law breaking and government corruption like it would be if a republican administration was even close to doing something like this? Even once iconic and respected 60 Minutes had Lesley Stahl ridiculously arguing with Trump about his campaign being spied on which has now been proven but even at that point any reasonable and non-biased person could see that was the case. So many of today's journalists are making complete fools of themselves. That is one reason why the term journoactivists is amore fitting term. The only thing these media companies care about, along with their liberal politics, is money. Being an activist is one thing but these journalist would rather do it while masquerading as a journalist, it pays better. The only way we have to fight these corrupt people who along with Barack Obama have a final end goal of fundamentally transforming America. He said so. They are either in the fight with him or are just being used like the dupe many of them are. The only way we have of fighting them is by affecting their money flow. When we go to Disney that helps ABC News, along with their goal of indoctrinating and grooming children. Warner Bros and Paramount are also parent companies of CBS and CNN so when we send them our money we are financing the fight against ourselves. Ideally a group of conservatives can someday purchase these media entities but until then we should withhold our money from the and continue Turningthetablez against them.

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