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Education is the Key

Have you seen enough yet? Have the outrageous lies and bias from the media prompted you to get ready to take action to defeat the corrupt, lying media. By taking action we do not mean harm anyone or act out in violence. We mean do something, anything you can to affect the cash flow of the corrupt leftist media. There are many ways to do this such as cancelling any Disney premium channels or cancelling cable TV altogether. Getting money from the cable bundles is one of their main sources of income. Right now there are so many things going on that should be the focus of the nation's media and instead they are suppressing many of the newsworthy subjects out there instead of reporting on them. Most days there is not a word about the corruption of Joe and the rest of the Biden family. When the impeachment inquiry was going on the legacy networks and CNN and MSNBC did not even report on it. This is more proof that people should find new, reliable sources of news., Bill O'Reilly has a great news site, Patrick Bet David and Joe Rogan can be very informative sites for information. Newsmax is great and for the most part Fox News is ok. The people who are relying on shows like Meet the Press and This week on ABC can be sure they will be lied to and given news in only the manner in which the left is made to look better. Starting now people must educate themselves and make an effort to find out the truth that is out there because the media and the DNC are all about cooperation and working together. Another tremendous source of information is to listen to anything Tucker Carlson puts out. You may not agree with everything he says but he will dive into subjects many will not and he seems to make an effort for total honesty which is nowhere to be found in the leftist media. Remember to cancel and avoid all things Disney and make a real effort to find out what is going on out there. This is more important than ever because of the efforts of the left at transforming this country while eliminating our border. By doing this we can Turnthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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