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Fox Guarding the Hen House

Have you had enough yet? Have you been used and taken advantage of enough yet? Has the decision been made to cancel the AT&T phone service? Has your Directtv been changed? Defunding these leftist companies is the only way we can battle against them. While we are at it we should cancel all Disney channels and avoid Disney properties also. The news media is used by the left as a tool to put out their agenda over the broadcasts. Any point the left needs to be trumpeted, true or untrue, is broadcasted by the journoactivists as if it was the gospel. This appears to be done in a coordinated way which we have not yet figured out. What they are doing is, to put it mildly, disinformation. Continuing from our last visit the term disinformation is being used by the left as a magic bullet. All across the leftist corporate media the journoactivists are whining about the dangers of disinformation. The are moaning about the dangerous and destructive power of disinformation. Specifically, the disinformation being put out by the political right or conservatives. Most important to point out out is that any information that does not agree with the message being emitted by the left is by their definition disinformation. This is the way they do business. Disinformation is just the latest all encompassing news point to be used by the left to advance their agenda. At some point people have to wise up just a little bit and recognize that what they're being told is a lie. People who deal in lies and falsities cannot succeed without a suitable number of ripe for the picking, susceptible suckers. Some people have in the past used the term useful idiots but that may be a bit harsh. MAYBE. The term disinformation Is used by the left as a weapon to silence dissenters to their agenda. They even went so far as planning a disinformation board, manned by leftists, to silence cherry picked dissenting ideas. Now we have, as we discussed last time, the Global Disinformation Index founded by leftist to fight ideas or speech that sway away from their leftist agenda. Despite what many on the left think we do still have freedom of speech in America. Last time we listed a group of legitmate news media organizations which were being discredited by the conveniently formed DGI to advertisers as purveyors of disinformation. Today we will list a group of media outlets that are laughably being called legitimate and truthful by the DGI.

1. NPR ( insert laughing emoji )

2. Associated Press

3. New York Times

4. ProPublica

5. Washington Post

6. USA Today

7. Huffington post

8. Buzzfeed

9. Insider

Can you imagine any legitimate media critic calling the Huffington Post legitimate? The whole ,list is a who's who of leftist propaganda spillers. The problem now is that the leftist corporate media will be reporting that the DGI has to the much studied conclusion that these are trusted names in the news game just as the list from our last visit was a list of dishonest liars. We as conservatives are the owners of so much buying power that an enormous impact for good could be made if we would just use it wisely. By using that buying power, or rather that non buying power we could begin Turningthetablez on the dishonest leftist corporate media.

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