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Hard to Believe

Have you seen enough yet? Have you seen how obviously corrupt the system has become? By system we mean various agencies in the government along with the media. It now seems we have been given a president who personifies the term corruption. He has never been a shining beacon of intellect or integrity in his years in DC but the real story is just now being brought out in the light. He and his family members have been using his position in power to accrue wealth. We are not talking pocket change either, we are talking millions of dollars. This theory has been backed up now by numerous people who say they have witnessed first hand what is going on. It's all out there in the open pretty much. There does not appear to be any reason for the Biden's to worry about it too awful much since the FBI does not seem to want to investigate it anyway. When we say FBI we don't mean the vast majority of the agents who are good at what they do when the suits on the top floor running the show let them do it. There are now numerous whistleblowers coming forward saying they were not allowed to do their job when it came to the Bidens. These whistleblowers are coming forward not only from the FBI but also from the IRS. The whistleblowers who did come forward are being punished, unlawfully, by the agencies they work for. Also, while testifying before congress several democratic congressional members made absolute fools of themselves attacking the character and integrity of the agents testifying. Apparently Hunter Biden was given a hall pass to do whatever he needed to and make whatever deal he needed to make because he was safe from the law. He not only was safe from conviction, apparently he was also safe from even being investigated! When Roger Stone, who was mostly guilty of being a FOT (friend of Trump), was arrested by the FBI it was done with a dawn raid SWAT style with CNN across the street filming it all. Now we have something with ample evidence, and could possibly be an absolutely huge crime and the FBI will not do anything while the vast majority of the media is ignoring it. When you look at the magnitude of the crimes that appear to at least look incriminating vs what Trump friends were having there homes raided or actually being incarcerated it shows just how there are two different standards of justices for the right versus the left. The one constant in this whole corrupt mess is the role the press plays day after day. They are ignoring, as they have for years, anything that the Bidens or any other democrat may have done. The thing we cannot figure out is who it is, whether a group or a single person, who is giving the media their orders to ignore or cover all this in a way that helps cover it up. We will continue working on that one. The one weapon, and the only one, we have is to continue using the power of not spending our money with business or corporations who are allies of these media efforts. This method is definitely picking up steam as BUD LIGHT, TARGET and a few other companies will soon find out. It's the only weapon we have and we must get more organized at doing this kind of effort. This is the way we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt leftist media.

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