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Hiding and Manipulating Available News

Have you seen enough yet? The corrupt, corporate, leftist media is now being more careful than ever what news is being put out there for the masses to view. They have long had a strategy of outright lying in headlines to manipulate the minds of those viewing their news and the headlines that go with the news they provide. Another thing they are doing now more than ever is outright trashing of the news they do not want you to see. If a news item is damaging to the democrats or the political left the news article is no longer a news article. In a nutshell the news ignores it and it becomes a non entity. It is suppressed or just thrown out of the options of things to report on so it never sees the light of day to be read or heard by citizens and in this way the media influences the public opinion about serious things occurring out there. Anything out there that might be damaging to the political right and they make hour long documentaries about it and give it a flamboyant title to further catch the attention of people. This, along with hiring democratic hacks to masquerade as journalists is how the media drives the news cycles in this country. Instead of reporting on the news as the news media was meant to do they are driving the political agenda in this country. they are being used as a tool by the left as they are in many leftist, socialist countries. They rely on very selective interviews done only with people who will advance the agenda in very orchestrated and highly polished media productions. Whenever they are available they interview RINOs who fill the age old role of useful idiots and are treated with great reverence by the leftist journoactivists who then no doubt roll their eyes and snicker at the gullible targets being used by the left. On the other side is us, the political right who only really have one weapon to use against the corrupt, leftist media. Our pocketbooks! We must exercise our right to not spend money, any money, with companies like Disney who owns ABC News, Target, and any advertisers on CNN and MSNBC. This is the only way we have to fight them and the only way we have to continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media.

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