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Horrible and Harmful Bias

Have you seen enough yet?

Have you come to the conclusion that it is time to take action to combat the group of people who are trying to control what is going on in the world? More importantly they are trying to control what is told to the public about what is going on in the world.

The corrupt leftist corporate media, and the journoactivists employed by them do much more than report the media through a bias that illuminates their agenda. They also spotlight stories that advance their agenda while suppressing ones that do not. The bottomline is they are not doing their job and not only that they are directly trying to advance their leftist agenda as members of the media. The media, specifically an honest functioning media, is integral to the functioning of a democracy. We have got to start finding alternative sources of news and stop subsidizing the leftist media by trading with companies who advertise with them. We also must avoid anytghing to do with Disney and not trade with Target, Bud Light or Kohl's. there are so many things that the media have reported on in a biased way but there are also so many stories that they are simply ignoring. Here are a few of them.

1. The media and the FBI are still working to arrest Trump on charges related to classified documents. What about the classified documents Biden had in multiple locations? Two standards of justice??

2. Will we ever se whose names were in Epstein's black book? There is a reason this is being hidden don't you think?

3. Biden saying he had never discussed business with Hunter. Numerous pictures show Joe Biden (The Bug Guy) spending time with Hunter's business partners.

4. The corruption at the top of the FBI? All of their investigations are aimed at one side....republicans.

5. The corruption at the top of the CIA? Leaks from intel groups to the media keep the stories in the news strategically.

6. The 51 intelligence officials using semantics to aid Biden in the 2020 election yet they keep their classified clearances.

7. The corruption of the DOJ at the top. Garland is proving to be more than Biden's wing man. He is apparently a guardian angel on his shoulder.

8. It's old news now but the most blatant case of bias may have the private server of Hillary. Not only did the media and FBI not pursue this story and case the FBI destroyed all evidence afterward.

9. Here at Turningthetablez something that really outrages us is how Biden never makes a statement. He just, Ron Burgundy style reads a teleprompter with a message written by who knows who. Do you think if a republican did this it would not be leading the news on a nightly basis?

10. Another thing that was scarcely ever covered is the liar AOC fake crying at the border to make Trump look bad by deceptively painting a picture of children being mistreated. Many people say that the democrat originated border crisis has led to the mass trafficking of many children, but you won't hear that on the nightly news.

11. Why does the FBI not want to turn over the 1023 document from an FBI whistleblower to congress? The document which chronicles Biden being paid money by foreign entities to influence American foreign policy is not even a classified document. First Wray would not admit it existed, then he wanted to show them a redacted version at FBI headquarters. Can there be any doubt that something is up here?

All of these cases warrant coverage and they are not getting it. The reason why is obvious and we know that is due to the bias to help the left in the media. Remember the only weapon we have in this area is to not spend our money in ways that help the defeat us politically. It seems this is catching but it needs to go further. The legacy media is aiding some really bad things going on now that harm not only our country but our children so itis time to get serious.

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