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How much more are we going to put up with?

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

How much longer are we going to help the leftist media? Day after day the media does their best to help advance their agenda. In the last week "intellectual power couple" #Scarborough and #Brzezlaski, while entertaining guests on their show, were scoffing and nearly laughing at the idea of natural immunity being better than immunity brought on by vaccination.

Why would members of the media do this?

You can't help but wonder if the "power couple" didn't do this would they keep their jobs?

Some of what the media does is just shocking. It's over the top. We have a president who while being in political office for decades has enriched members of his family. According to his son, he has also been getting a cut of the proceeds.

For four years we had a media searching high and low for any crumb of an indication that anyone named #Trump, or an acquaintance might be profiting from him being in politics. The Journoactivists on #CNN, #MSNBC and the #networks are totally ignoring or even trying to hide what the #Bidens are doing. We've got to stop subsidizing these activities. We've got the Scarborough and Brzezlaski power couple scoffing at naturally acquired immunity which an Insraeli study has concluded is 27 times more effective than the #Covidvaccine.

We can allow for overestimation by this study, but it still make sense that natural immunity would be significantly better. This despite the knowledge to say otherwise. Whether it's outright lying can be argued but it seems obvious that the media working to advance the leftist agenda is more than coinciedental .

Take 5 minutes today and let advertisers you dont think it's okay to help pay the salaries of the leftist journoactivists on Morning Joe. Turn the Tablez on them.

For the most part these are good companies. We just need to make our opinions known on their advertising practices. Take a few minutes and make a phone call. It might make a huge difference. Let them know Joe + Mika are not being honest with their viewers.

1. AARP- (888) 687-2277 Give them a call. AMAC is a good alternative.

2. Vroom- (855) 219-5411

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