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How Stupid does the Corrupt Media Think We Are

Have you seen enough yet? The corrupt media thinks Americans are all idiots. We are lied to daily by the corrupt media here in America in an effort to influence the political environment and the way people vote. On one hand the media and the political left work hand in hand every day and on the other the American public needs to quit being so easy to hoodwink. There are people out there, millions of them actually, who will happily vote for Joe Biden. Some of them several times! It has gotten increasingly hard to figure out how people can be undecided or on the fence politically though. The democratic party has went so far to the left that not so long ago many of their stances would have been thought of as un-American. Without the gaslighting and outright lies from the media it's reasonable to say that many of these ideas could not have taken hold. We now have a country where marriage is between whatever two(?) entities want to marry. We now have an America where whether or not a person is a male or female is no longer a simple question. The fact that that question can only be answered with two answers is also increasingly up for debate. We have once iconic weekly news shows staffed by democratic lackeys like Stephanopoulos, Chuck Todd and also many of the everyday staff and pundits on CNN. CNN and other networks do this so often we cannot help but wonder if it is a way to pay them back for their work in the deep state. Stephanopoulos got his start in politics handling bimbo eruptions for the Clintons and now he is shaming republican rape victims on This Week for ABC and Disney. David Brinkley must be spinning in his grave. Now we have the media, on a daily basis, trying to tell us the economy is better and that Donald Trump is a threat to democracy. All the while they are breathlessly covering the outrageous legal proceedings against Trump being led by a corrupt govt in a banana republic like fashion. Remember to spend no money with Disney, the parent company of ABC News and The View. They also are engaged and committed to transgender children efforts and grooming. The mainstream media is corrupt and they rely on the public to be gullible and easy to lie to. By withholding our money from these corrupt companies and their advertisers we can succeed in our effort to keep Turningthetablez on the media.

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