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How Vulnerable Is Joe?

Have you seen enough yet? The corruption and bias in the media is causing damage to the country and allowing the corrupt media to influence the way people in America vote. It's very obvious now that we have a corrupt person as president. The level of corruption can still be up for debate, but the question of whether or not he is corrupt has been answered. The real question is the level of vulnerability that Joe Biden is subject to from foreign governments who can knowledge of his corruption to influence his decisions made while heading our government. This is a potentially very dangerous situation. Has this issue ever been raised on the corporate media? Has CNN or MSNBC ever brought this up? Of course not! The journoactivist who brought this issue up would be fired before their shift was over if they did this. This leads us to the conclusion that while there are real, ethical journalists out there the airwaves are polluted by many who are willing to say what they are told to say for the big corporate money. They do this even though the information they refuse to report on is the kind of stuff that could harm the country they live in. Also, many of them are dedicated, woke liberals who actually believe the garbage they are spewing. The ongoing crusade to eliminate Trump from the election is ongoing and we cannot help but wonder if we are the only ones that are starting to believe Trump has the goods on these people participating in the witch hunt. With all this going on there appears to be a calmness with so many of the Trumpsters and Trump himself. Could the supposedly missing binder the media is touting as having Russian hoax information actually have information proving the whole thing is a hoax and they are just trying to get out in front of the soon to be bombshell revelations coming out? Stay tuned and we shall find out. Remember to cancel all things Disney as we have paid Stephanopoulos's salary for long enough. It's time we got serious about Turningthetablez on the political left and the corporate media.

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