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In Our Face

It has become impossible to ignore the way the left is working, in alliance with the media, to transform our country. We have the left doing outrageous, and many times downright illegal things, to suppress the right and transform America into a clone of what they like about Europe. There is no doubt corrupt politicians on the right, but the left is just downright in our face about their corruptness and they don't care who knows it. One reason they do not care is because pretty much no matter what they do the corrupt leftist corporate media will nor call them out on it. Many times they will not report on it at all. When politicians can put forth absolutely asinine ideas out there and the media, who are essential to a functioning democracy, either downplays it or outright ignores it that can only lead to bad things. One thing coming out now is that one of the 51 intelligence officials who signed the letter saying Russians were influencing the election by pushing the Hunter Biden laptop story is now saying "wait we only said it had the appearance of that". Apparently we had 51 former intelligence officials wholeheartedly stating their election influencing opinion using semantics and lawyer speak. More and more average everyday citizens are being pushed aside by the left in favor of one of their pet project groups. Here is a list of a few of the things being purposely ignored by the corrupt media, and just a few of the zany, asinine ideas being pushed by the left. Nearly all of which benefit their electoral hopes.

- Totally eliminate the oil and gas industry in favor of unreliable green energy

- To absolutely stop detaining any LGBTQ immigrants. Just let them roll on in.

- Doing away with the electoral college so NY, Chicago and California can pick the president and foster the same amount of success those three places are currently enjoying.

- The idea that each state should have two senators no matter the population of the states.

- To make Puerto Rico another state in order to gain two more democratic senators.

- Elimination of the filibuster.

There are many other ways they are working to transform things, and they will not quit. The way in which we can be successful is being displayed now with the boycott of Bud Light. We must speak by not spending money with leftist companies like Disney who is also feeling some economic pain. We can make an impact on these leftists but we must start making an effort to pay attention where our money is going

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