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Is Biden Being Torpedoed

Have you seen enough yet? Don't look now but Joe Biden may be in the middle of being torpedoed. Are the inner workings of the democratic party working behind the scenes to stab Joe Biden in the back? Top tier news organizations have apparently now received permission from the powers that be behind the scenes to go ahead, and at least to some extent write truthful stories about the Biden crime family. They are writing stories with earth shaking headlines like "Hunter Biden Laptop Is Real". You don't say! Even though this is information that the vast majority of America already knew these are news stories that are strictly forbidden from being written previously. Sometime in the past few months the group behind the scenes, who we are still trying to figure the identifications of, gave the media the go ahead to publish these stories. For a shocking twist the media is now publishing not only truthful stories about Biden but also stories that are damaging to him. Things like this do not happen without approval from the people behind the scenes. We cannot help but wonder if Obama has decided to deep six the Biden administration. For years anything damaging or hurtful to the crime family of grifters has been scoffed at or suppressed and now we have this kind of stuff being put out there. make no mistake the left has went bonkers and is doing damage to our country and nobody or nothing is going to stand in their way. The left absolutely counts on the fact that most adults/parents are uninformed voters and get their news from misleading or lying headlines. It is time the voters start taking their responsibility of voting more seriously and do a little research on what the political left is actually in favor of politically. More and more parents need to know what the politically left is in favor of regarding children and the grooming of them. Disney is in full steam ahead mode now to promote the grooming of children and and attacking anyone who does not sign onto their leftist, extreme views. We can fight back by totally boycotting Disney/ABC News/The View because cutting off their money supply is the only way to combat them that we, as consumers can do. By doing this we can continue Turningthetablez on the corrupt media.

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