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Is it Too late?

Have you seen enough yet? Have you become alarmed at how much power has been placed in the hands of so few? The left is organized and motivated and coming for you. Any person, business entity or right wing media group or social media group is now firmly in the crosshairs of the left. We have huge media corporations and huge retail corporations doing all they can to push the woke agenda. So many of the everyday, normal public out there are being preyed on by the news media in a way to influence their thinking and the way they vote. Somewhere there is a group of people, probably a small one, who is deciding what goes on in the media. What subjects are pushed and what agendas are advanced by using the media to advance them. So much of the time now the news media is not reporting on what is going on in the world they are pushing the agendas that will be advanced in the political arena. Way too much of today's corporate world is controlled by too few people. Many of them do their best to advance toe woke, liberal agenda. For people on the right our main weapon to use against the corporate left is to make a decision to stop spending any of our money with these companies on the left. We need to boycott them, plan and simple. If the MAGA crowd would organize to stop spending any money with Disney by cancelling all premium channels and not setting foot in their theme parks. We come on here, usually twice a week, to tell everyone how damaging and dishonest the corporate media is. Specifically, CNN, MSNBC and the three legacy networks. They might as well be a propaganda arm of the DNC. Truth, which should be integral to any media organization, is not part of the equation. Only furthering the woke, liberal, socialist democratic agenda is. In addition to telling you what not to watch we have another huge alternative for you this week. Tucker Carlson has come out with a streaming service that is a great alternative to the lying journoactivists on the above mentioned networks. Instead of listening to Stephanopoulos earn his eight figure salary by continuing his career as a democratic hack/Clinton lackey spewing talking points on ABC for less than $10 a month you can have access to great interviews with newsmakers on this new streaming service. When you put this along with the Bill O'Reilly site and Bongino you can cancel that cable service and get reliable news from sources vastly different from the liars on the corporate media channels. It's time to stop the money flow to the corporate media advancing the political efforts of the left and as of now there are even more alternatives to continue Turningthetablez on the lying corporate media.

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