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Leftist Media Have NO Standards

Have you seen enough yet to wake you up? Wake you up to the fact that the people running things in America are corrupt beyond what we even thought they were. We have a President who struggles mentally and apparently has been getting a cut of the money from business deals conducted by his family using his influence as a selling point. Also apparently we have a FBI that is manned at the top by people who are out to get Donald Trump and doing all they can to help Biden and the democrats. Our intelligence community is led by people who, along with the current Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, used lawyer speak and semantics to carefully craft a statement to influence voters to think Russia was behind the Hunter Biden laptop story. They must have known the story was legit or they would not have worded their statement so carefully. Our Secretary of Homeland Security goes before Senate committees and under oath says the border is secure. During his tenure millions of people have crossed into our country, but the border is secure. We no longer have an election day but an election month and for some strange reason people on the left do not want the voter rolls cleaned up. They want deceased people's names left on the roll for some reason. What could that reason be? We have democratic candidates working with the FBI and actually purchasing fraudulent reports which are then turned over to the media to blast over the networks day after day to influence voters. We have democratic vote harvesters going into nursing homes and other places where voters can be registered and "helped" to vote. To top it all off we now have a whistleblower saying that the open border is being used to traffic minors for slave labor and sex work. All of the above facts are outrageous, evil and hard to believe they are happening. The main thing that is happening to make all of these possible is a corrupt and compliant media. If these happenings were occurring during a republican administration the media would be having hour long specials about these outrages. As they should! It seems that once children are shown to be being harmed by the policies of the Biden administration that the media would decide that is a line that has been crossed but it appears their bias has no limits. The companies owning the leftist corporate media outlets have to be punished financially. That is the only weapon we on the right have to use against them, but it is a very potent weapon if we will utilize it. Bud Light is feeling the pain of a boycott and now Maybellene may be about to feel the same pain. Disney should be totally avoided by people on the right. All premium channels should be cancelled and their properties avoided. Any advertisers doing business with the corporate leftist media should be contacted and asked to cease doing business with these leftists and then after that should be avoided. Using Bud Light and Disney as examples we must continue the effort of Turningthetablez on the political leftist media here.

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